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New Zealand travel experts have compiled a list of the top sights and activities to see in Wellington, New Zealand's second largest city. Whether you are in a hotel room, on the beach, in the city centre or in one of the many parks, there are many reasons why you should come to Wellington - and here are just a few.

Wellington is located at the southern end of the North Island, nestled between a glittering harbour and rolling green hills. Wellington is New Zealand's capital city, known for its art, culture and beauty. From the top of a mountain, the highest peak of the South Island, and from its bottom, from the hills and valleys of the South Island, across the Cook Strait, it is the most compact of all New York cities in the world.

It is really easy to use and there are many campsites to choose from, including some of the most popular on the North Island, such as the Great Barrier Reef National Park. There are also many opportunities to expand beyond Wellington and get informed on a road trip from Wellington to Auckland. This gives you many options when you are ready to travel and perhaps even learn more about the South Island or even beyond.

Getting there: While most people fly from New Zealand internationally, you can fly to Wellington International Airport and then on to Auckland Airport or even New York's JFK Airport. If you're not on time, there are several domestic airports in the area, such as Auckland International, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Auckland City Airport, and if you need to see anything in all of New Zealand, how about getting to those airports? Air NewNZ and Jetstar both have domestic flights to New Zealand, as do most other major airlines, although they only fly to and from the South Island.

If you are visiting Wellington from overseas, you may need a visa depending on how long you stay and how long you stay. If you prefer to stay with locals during your solo trip to New Zealand, Airbnb New NZ can connect you with locals in the country, but they are also limited to staying in their country with a spare room.

If you are planning to return a second time and see some of the best places in New Zealand or are looking for lesser known places, this is definitely one of those places to go when you plan to return. One station you don't want to miss is Tara, she is extremely travel-loving but expensive.

The Cook Strait, the stretch of sea that connects the North and South Islands of New Zealand, is located near Wellington. Wellington is located in the south of the country and offers you the opportunity to visit the South Island. The absolute must - in Wellington you can see Wellington Harbour, the city centre and the harbour itself. As a harbour, it hosts a number of tourist attractions, such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Wellington Castle, Victoria Park, Royal Victoria Museum and many more.

The Weta Workshop is one of the iconic venues in Wellington, which has become the wellspring of the New Zealand film industry. A must for every Lord of The Rings fan is the "Weta Cave" in Wellington New NZ, where you can take a look behind the scenes of the film - and conjure up magic.

The Remarkables Mountains is one of the best places to zip - and it's undoubtedly an incredible place to throw yourself out of a plane. If you're looking for the most tourist-friendly thing you can do, then Auckland should be familiar with the then 1,000. The region is definitely one for GatG wines, so if you're looking for activities in and around New York, the North Island should definitely make a visit or two to a winery.

Find out more about the New Zealand film industry and watch all films on the Film NZ website - available for free.

Activities on the South Island of New Zealand include a visit to the Abel Tasman National Park, where the sea meets the landscape. Auckland Zoo is one of the best ways to observe the animals and their natural environment. Visitors can experience an earthquake, see a giant squid, learn about Maori culture and understand what makes New Zealand so wonderful.

New Zealand's charming capital city of Wellington is joined by Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand and the second largest in the world. There is so much to see and do here that we suggest a visit to Auckland Zoo, one of the most popular attractions on the South Island. From the South Island, which crosses the Cook Strait, you have spectacular views of the Bay of Auckland, a popular tourist destination with great views over the city.

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