Wellington New Zealand Things To Do

Whether you're exploring the glittering ports and beaches of New Zealand's capital, Auckland, or the picturesque beaches and mountains of the South Island, here are some of the best activities in and around the city.

Forget planning a trip to the capital of New Zealand, here are 25 things to do when visiting Wellington. Get ready, as we'll introduce you to some of the best free and cheapest things to do in Wellington on a budget. It doesn't matter where you stay or how you move. If you are looking for other things to do in and around Wellington, don't hesitate to check out the main area of the Wellington region for an extended list of things to do. You can reach Wellington city centre, visit some good restaurants in the city and travel around New Zealand's coolest capital. And if you've ever been looking for a list of good things to do on the city streets or other ways to visit Wellington, check out our guide, which lists all the good places to stay and the best things to do in, around and near Wellington at night.

The National Museum and Wellington Museum should also be considered for a place in your seat - see Wellington Shortlist.

Visiting Mount Victoria is a great thing in Wellington because of its panoramic views of the city. Riding the cable car up to the Wellington Hills is another great way to enjoy the view of Wellington Harbour. Also worth a visit is Feilding, which was voted one of the ten most beautiful places in New Zealand.

The view from above is also beautiful and there are definitely some great things to tick off. Katie: Seeing Wellington from above should definitely be on the list of things to do in New Zealand.

If you want to explore one of the best Kiwi cities (at least in my opinion), check out our list of the top 10 free activities in Wellington. On the map below you will find some good free and cheap things you can do and some accommodation suggested. So, since you have it, list some of our top 10 best Wellington New Zealand things - too - to do, so check out your weekends from Wellington when you visit this beautiful city. You might even find a place to visit some more unique places during your stay or do some cool things in and around Wellington.

If you're not in the mood to take your kids to Wellington and the weather is good, you can start with this list of the best free and affordable activities for kids from Wellington New Zealand.

Wellington is New Zealand's capital and, being conveniently located by the sea, has many incredible transport options to get around the city. Personally, I could spend a week in Wellington, but three days is ideal for a tourist in the capital of New Zealand. If you're looking for something different from the usual tourist attractions in New York City, there's a lot to discover in and around our capital city of Wellington.

If you are travelling to New Zealand by car, you can take the ferry to Wellington or vice versa. Wellington is a great place to take ferries to and from New Zealand from the North and South Islands. For those with a motorhome it is not cheap, but they are definitely worth the trip because of the scenic views and low cost.

There is no shortage of good things to do in Wellington, but a great choice is the Wellington Museum, which is just a short walk away. And you will love it. From a hill with great views you have a great view of the city and there are many good restaurants, shops, cafes and restaurants in the area. On your own to the Wellington cable car or to the tops of the hills with the best views.

Also known as the National Museum of New Zealand, the Te Papa Museum is an exceptional place to visit Wellington. It is the country's most important museum and the only one of its kind in North America, which is currently hosting a series of exhibitions to mark the centenary of the birth of our country's first prime minister, John Key.

It may not be as big as Auckland, but there are many beautiful places that make it a must-see - a visit for those who love to be outdoors. If you are a cyclist, this is undoubtedly one of the best free activities in Wellington, and climbing Mount Victoria is certainly no easy task. This botanical garden is a huge area and there are definitely some good free things to do for bikers in it.

If there is something you need to do in Wellington, put it on your "New Zealand must-do" list and if the weather is good, you can definitely explore it. Cable Car - Like all Wellington tourist attractions, the cable car is really designed for Wellington. Take the cable car to the top of the Victoria Mountain - the tickets are not for free, but something definitely needs to be done.

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