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It is official: New Zealand's housing market has stabilized after years of record growth that caused what some experts call a real estate bubble. It's not just would-be homeowners who are not talking about anything, but for the first time in recent history we are looking at something that is not the housing market. In 2016, the International Monetary Fund found that we behaved as if we had a real estate bubble, not just a speculative bubble in the form of high interest rates.

By September 2019, the HPI for New Zealand (excluding Auckland) rose 10.9% to 3,105, a new record. While we are still in the midst of a real estate bubble that is not just speculative, we must not forget that high prices are due to a combination of factors: high interest rates, high demand, and a lack of supply.

If you choose to live in any part of New Zealand, you will find that house prices are very competitive with those in the UK. The strength of the pound means that those buying properties in New Zealand can generally get a lower price than if they had previously owned in the UK, and there is no stamp duty or capital gains tax. Therefore, it is quite possible to purchase some properties in New Zealand with a price well above the national Wellington median if you are willing to buy at auction or tender. If you can only find the best house in your city, it will be more expensive to stay in the main shopping areas, but there are also stamp duty and capital gains tax.

If the price is not an item, you can also go to the auction or bidding market, where you will find an ideal home that can be worth more than the national median price of $2.5 million or even more.

This house in Stokes Valley not only offers great views of the surrounding countryside, but is also one of the most beautiful and beautiful houses in New Zealand. With an energy efficient heat pump and insulation, you can insulate and enjoy your kiwi outdoors like a kiwi while enjoying the great views of Auckland and its surrounding countries.

So if you own a property in Auckland, you can be sure that a few times a year you will have the freedom to escape or even move permanently and invest in a home outside Auckland. Property like this allows you to live in the heart of the city, yet still explore the paths on foot and be surrounded by the great views of New Zealand and its surrounding countries.

This affordable house or apartment (above) is located in the heart of Wellington, close to the CBD. Surrounded by a patchwork of picturesque views, this Canterbury property is perfect for those who couldn't decide between the coast and the mountains. Whether sea, mountains or pastures, it will satisfy most tastes and preferences, as the highest part of the region is one of the higher elevations of New Zealand.

If you imagine a New Zealand dream near the beach, you can forget about 400 K NZ (216,000 PSK) in Christchurch for a decent price. If that is the case, we will find a very reasonable property for PS228K that we can afford in Dunedin.

Wellington, the most sought after area, cannot stretch beyond the hills and, of course, the sea, but I'm not sure you see it the same way as other parts of New Zealand. One of the main reasons many migrants move to New Zealand from the UK is the cost of accommodation. Places popular with tourists and which have constrained housing supply are also seeing house prices rise.

New Zealand has a reputation for being a high-priced country, and that certainly applies to the centre of Auckland. Unlike central London, where not many Britons buy property, Auckland or New Zealand are not. Visit our New NZ Real Estate website for more up-to-date prices tailored to your budget, region and interests.

If you have a broker you can use and need advice or advice, ask them first. You should recommend a few different property inspection companies so that you can choose the one you want to use. Here you can enter the name of the property you want to buy and check the latest - current - rules. If you are moving from the UK to New Zealand, you should have a good idea of what type of house suits your budget.

This is just one of the other essential topics that we will discuss in more detail in a future post once you have established yourself on this website.

Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin are among New Zealand's top ten most expensive cities for home prices. The target group is middle income earners and those with incomes of less than $50,000 a year. House prices in Auckland can reach $1.5 million or even $2 million a year.

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