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Wellington, known as the foodie capital of New Zealand, is a hidden gem of a city where you want to grit your teeth. Once a forgotten capital, it has been overlooked in favour of other New Zealand destinations that promise the best in food and drink, as well as a great shopping and dining experience. Known as "the foodie capital of New Zealand," Wellington boasts some of New Zealand's most popular restaurants, bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels, and houses a number of hidden gems, including a fantastic wine and beer garden, a superb wine bar, a fantastic café and restaurant and much more. You can immerse yourself in a world of culinary experiences of the highest order with a wide variety of local and international dishes.

As the caffeine capital of New Zealand, Wellington is not short of good cafes with a loyal following, and you will soon find that Wellington is a popular destination for people from all over New Zealand who want to spend a refreshing getaway or weekend. You always have bespoke cocktails and craft beers to wash everything down, as well as a wide range of local and international wines and beers.

Fish and chips are not endemic to New Zealand, but since kiwis like to fish, you can bet on the best fish & chips in New York or New England, and we've written about some of the good places to enjoy them in and around New Zealand. Fish & Chips is not hard to find, so be the one who does it best, or visit one of our favorite restaurants in town, like Fish and Chips.

Most restaurants in Wellington put local produce first and serve local and international wines with your meal. Whether you're eating cheaply or looking for something a little more chic, we've covered 15 of the best Wellington restaurants, so you've got them all covered.

Innovative chefs skillfully use flavoursome ingredients freshly harvested from gardens, land and sea to create a New Zealand dining experience that, accompanied by award-winning wines, is among the best in the world. Hillside Kitchen, one of the top ten restaurants in Wellington's food scene, proves that plant-based foods can be much more than a boring salad.

It's clear why the humble Kiwi pie has been voted New Zealand's favourite comfort food time and again. The choice is endless and the cake itself, sourced from local bakeries, is one of the city's most popular dishes and a favourite of many Wellington residents.

However, the typical New Zealand food is controversial because of its overfishing and over-consumption. But it's the white beard, which weighs 35 pounds and could be in danger of extinction, or the high-fat kiwi cake.

The New Zealanders love their seafood, so we just hop straight into the delights of the sea. In our review of the year, you can find the best places in New Zealand for fish and chips, or you can try out where we tried them # in the New York Times Food & Wine Guide.

We recommend Giapo in Auckland City for the Hokey Pokey ice cream, which is found everywhere you serve ice cream. Get the full bean bar experience in the New York Times Food & Wine Guide, where we tested them in our review of New Zealand's best bean bars.

If you are visiting Wellington from overseas, you may need a visa depending on how long you want to stay and how long you want to stay. The culture and scenery is great, but not as good as New Zealand's food, and what is sometimes overlooked is the delicious New Zealand food you can enjoy.

To help you decide what food New Zealand is famous for, we've compiled a list of 19 delicious New Zealand foods to try and where to find them. If you visit NewNZ you may find that wine is as important as solid food, but it is just as much a part of the food experience as the other foods. There is no deal, there is no wine, and the essential ingredients are from the rivers of New Zealand. There is incredible seafood from the Pacific and a wide variety of different fish and seafood from around the world, as well as many different types of meat.

In New Zealand, you should definitely prepare the classic kiwi dessert: Pavlova. In a way, it is a very popular dessert, made from meringue, whipped cream and fruit. The fruit can be eaten raw, but is popular with NewNZers because of its side dish.

Kumara is an extremely delicious sweet potato variety that is baked and is perfect for hangi. Flipp also lists New Zealand's leading restaurants as one of the country's most popular kiwi food destinations. As well as the lamb burger offered by McDonalds in NewNZ, there are lamb burgers.

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